CURAkid kids Toothbrush

CURAkid kids Toothbrush

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Price: £4.25


The CURAkid toothbrush has a small tapered head tufted with ultra fine filaments for optimum cleaning of young teeth. The soft rubber coating of the handle is perfect for small hands, with shape and grip to ensure ease of use. Stands upright on it's foot.

The ultrafine Curen® bristles give the bristle-head softness AND cleaning power. Thanks to more than 3000 individual bristles and the small bristle-head, dental plaque can be carefully removed. The teeth are cleaned and the gums remain healthy.

The advantages of the CURAkid toothbrush are that from the beginning of their teeth cleaning career, the child is used to soft bristles and later will scarcely ever use hard toothbrushes - once a SOFTie - always SOFTie!

Pack of 1. Available in Lime Green, Pink , Blue..