Curaprox Denture and Gum Care Kit

Curaprox Denture and Gum Care Kit

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Price: £29.95


The professional Denture and Gum Care Set from Curaprox will make you and your dentures the best of friends! With all the quality and scrupulous attention to detail you would expect from Curaprox, the kit contains everything you will need for the optimum care of your dentures.

  • Gel for daily brushing
  • Concentrate for weekly bath
  • Neat and durable box for soaking or storage
  • Ergonomically designed brush for effective cleaning
  • CS 5460 ultra soft brush for daily massage of gums
  • Instruction leaflet

The health implications of dentures and their inappropriate care, together with the subsequent lack of gum care, are sometimes underestimated. Dentures obstruct the normal stimulation of the mucosa, implicating a restricted blood supply to the gums and palate and the impairment of saliva secretion. This in turn will lead to a loss of the self-cleaning effect these two actions normally provide.

The Denture and Gum Care Set from Curaprox not only provides all the tools for effective care and cleaning of the dentures, but also includes an ultra soft 5460 toothbrush to massage and stimulate your gums. This will help to restore the blood supply and enhance the mucosa’s natural secretions for healthy gums and better adhesion of the denture plate. The ultra soft 5460 brush respects the ultra thin mucosal membrane, while the massage action also helps prevent sore gums.

What makes Curaprox cleaning different?

The natural ingredients of the cleaning fluids respect the composition of the dentures helping to maintain the original colour and finish of the acrylic resin.

Citric acid in the weekly soaking solution makes the removal of plaque and staining far easier Eucalyptus oil forms a micro-film on the dentures leaving a fresh taste and surface protection Natural sea salt stabilizes and potentiates the effect of the citric acid.