Enzycal Remineralising Toothpaste

Enzycal Remineralising Toothpaste

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Enzycal strengthens and supports the body’s natural anti bacterial system against harmful micro-organisms in the mouth with the use of 3 important enzymes. Sodium Fluoride reintegrates mineral nutrients from the saliva into the enamel. This re-mineralisation can balance or even reverse the lack of minerals in early dental caries.

Two enzymes (Amyloglucosidase + Glucoseoxidase) inhibit the bacterial growth.

This inhibition strengthens the effect of a 3rd enzyme contained in the saliva: Lactoperoxidase.

Lactoperoxidase produces an inhibitor (Hypothiocyanite OSCN) which constitutes one of the anti-bacterial factors contained in the saliva.

Enzycal is also SLS free. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) is commonly used in detergents, cosmetic cleansers, hair shampoos, toothpaste, etc. SLS penetrates the mucosa easily and gets into the body. SLS causes irritation like aphthous ulcers.

17% of the population suffer from mouth ulcers

The use of a SLS free toothpaste can diminish ulcers up to 45%!