TePe Interdental Brushes

TePe Interdental Brushes

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Price: £3.75


TePe Interdental Brushes have an ergonomic handle which offers a comfortable grip and good control. They have plastic covered metal wire to prevent scratching and come in eight colour coded sizes, ranging from pink for narrow interdental spaces to grey for larger spaces. 8 brushes and handle/ cap per pack. (8 Per Pack


These Tepe interdental brushes were developed with the support of dental professionals in Sweden and from throughout the world and are probably the most effective and comfortable way of cleaning in between your teeth.

These interdental brushes come in th following sizes:

  • Pink TePe Interdental Brush - 0.4mm
  • Orange TePe Interdental Brush - 0.45mm
  • Red TePe Interdental Brush - 0.5mm
  • Blue TePe Interdental Brush - 0.6mm
  • Yellow TePe Interdental Brush - 0.7mm
  • Green TePe Interdental Brush - 0.8mm
  • Purple TePe Interdental Brush - 1.1mm
  • Grey TePe Interdental Brush - 1.3mm


Interdental Brushing Animation
Golden Rules - Interdental Brushing

Interdental Brushing Tips

  • Most people will require two or more sizes to clean their mouth effectively as each space is slightly different
  • Slide the brush at right angles very gently between your teeth
  • Use the full length of the interdental brush
  • Do Not push too hard
  • Curve the brush for the hard to reach gaps between your back teeth


You may also find the Extra Soft TePe Interdental Brushes or the Mixed Multipack to be of use.