Toothpicks & Floss Holders

Toothpicks & Floss Holders
We stock a wide range of picks and flossers, Including the New Oral B Humming Bird and also the New TePe Mini Flosser.

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TP 930 - Brush-stick

Price : £7.25

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The TP930 Brush Pic is a strong yet fine nylon toothpick with a flocked tip for more effective cleaning when using a tooth pic. 10 Brush sticks per box. Safe and Easy to use (10)

Quit Brush Sticks

Price : £3.75

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Removes plaque safely and efficiently between teeth, cleans around implants and bridges and contains fluoride and Xylitol. 48 Sticks and travel case per pack. (48 Per Pack)

TePe mini flosser

Price : £2.85

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Designed to clean between the teeth where a toothbrush cannot reach. 24 already prepared flosser with floss attached. Made in Sweden (24 flossers)

Glide Flosspicks

Price : £5.49

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VERY SPECIAL OFFER 30 FOR THE PRICE OF 20 Single use Floss Picks, easy to use and non shredding floss. Slide Easily between teeth.

Curaprox Tartar Stix TP945

Price : £4.99

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The anatomically shaped tooth pick with a patented mineral surface for removing tartar. Pack of 10

TePe Wooden Dental Sticks with Fluoride

Price : £2.50

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Fine wood points with added Fluoride for added protection . Available in x slim, slim or medium. x slim 160 units per pack ,slim and medium 125 units per pack.


Price : £3.99

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Flexible toothpick for easy and gentle cleaning between teeth.